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Thank You Love by Ayush Gupta

Before I even begin with the review, let me confess something: I have never read a love story. Thank You Love by Ayush Gupta happens to be the first one, and to be honest, it really touched my heart. Ayush, reading your book was a nostalgic experience in itself. I literally stopped and contemplated every now and then whenever I related to the situation Rayan was going through in the book.


The phrase “…and started my journey into the unknown.” Reminded me of the time when I was penning The Journey of the Unknown Path. I was engrossed for a few minutes. Another line which really touched me was the author’s perception of the world: “Sky is the roof, land is the floor, and nature all around like walls, a traveller can never be homeless.”


An interesting character in the book (and I believe in real life of the author as well) was Shivai. He had been a true partner in crime; I mean literally, I have witnessed their mischievousness. I envy you Ayush that you have Shivai. I have met Shivai and trust me (especially girls) he is an awesome guy. (whisper: do get his number from Ayush). (To Shivai: Yeah don’t thank me for the gfs you’ll be getting coz of this review :P)


The character Shivai in the book showcases the importance of having true friends around you (and also being a true friend to others). Shivai understands his friend Rayan and supports him, guides him, holds him, hugs him, he does everything a true friend should do.


Being an avid reader of non-fiction and self-help books, the concluding chapters of the book were my favourite. And for all those who are going through a heart-break, these are the chapters you need to read before doing anything stupid. Let me repeat, READ THE CONCLUDING CHAPTERS BEFORE DOING ANYTHING STUPID!


Thank You Love is not just a saga of love and separation, it’s a journey, a journey of a simpleton person like Rayan who gets the taste of real love; but when the sweetest taste of life suddenly turn bitter and soar, what is it that a person needs to do to make it sweet again. A Lot to take from the book (no spoilers). Grab it from here:  

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